General information for foreign pilots

"Guest Rule" for foreign Pilots:

In Germany we do have a general recognition for foreign licenses according to the § 28 LufVZO: Licenses issued not within the scope of the German Regulation entitle the operation of aircraft that is registered in the state in which the license is issued or recognized as valid.

General Permission for Foreign Self-constructed Aircraft to Enter the Territory of the Federal Republic of Germany (NfL II-15/85, II-39/85)

For self-constructed aircrafts of a European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member state, to which an airworthiness certificate of limited validity or a comparable certification (like Ultralights) has been issued, permission to enter the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany is generally granted subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Flights must be conducted between SR and SS only, and only according to VFR.
  2. Overflying of assemblies of people at low levels is not permitted (minimum safe height!).
  3. Aircraft entering must hold and demonstrate a legal liability insurance according to § 37 LuftVG.
  4. Prior to entering/departing the Federal Republic of Germany, a flight plan must be filed.
  5. Entering aircraft must be equipped with a VHF transmitter/receiver comprising at least the frequency range 118.000 to 136.975 MHz required for the intended flight. In individual cases and for a limited period, special licences for this radio equipment may be requested from the

    DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
    Am DFS-Campus 10
    63225 Langen
    Phone: (0 61 03) 707 - 0
    Telex: 411 898
    Fax: (061 03)707-1396

specifying the aircraft construction type and the planned routing.

 ltems 1 to 5 also apply to standard aircraft.

The conditions and restrictions applying to aircraft entering the state of registration remain obligatory in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Entry permits may be revoked at any time.


Basically, radio licences for English language issued in a member state of the European Union, will be generally and formlessly acknowledged in a scope fixed by the respective member state.

Questions about foreign radio licences:
Bundesnetzagentur -> Anerkennung von ausländischen Flugfunkzeugnissen (sorry, German language only)

Contact: Bundesnetzagentur Außenstelle Köln Standort Mülheim - Aktienstr. 1-7 - 45473 Mülheim
Tel. +49 208 45070 -


For the following VFR flights, powered aircraft must be equipped with a transponder:

  • within class C and D Airspace (not CTR);
  • within Transponder Mandatory Zones (TMZ)
  • above 5000 ft MSL or above 3500 ft GND – whichever is higher.

The Transponder must use the Mode A with 4096 codes, and for Mode C with automatic altitude reporting. Mode S Transponder (according the ICAO Level 2 with SI Code and Elementary Surveillance (ELS)) from the 31th of March 2005 for new aircrafts and all aircrafts from the 31th of March 2008.


According the Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 of the European Parlament and the Council of 21 April 2004 the insured risks including acts of war, terrorism, hijacking, acts of sabotage, unlawful seizure of aircraft and civil commotion is not applied to microlights, which:

  • are used for non-commercial purposes, or
  • are used for local flight instruction which does not entail the crossing of international borders, in so far as the insurance obligations under this Regulation relating to the risks of war and terrorism are concerned.

It means: For recreational flights to Germany you do not need the inclusion of war and terrorism risks.

Minimum Liability:

Third party : 750.000 SDR (ca. 900,000 €)
Passengers: 250.000 SDR (ca. 300,000 €)
SDR = Special Drawing Rights


Please note that starting and landing of microlights are not permitted at all German airfields. Airfields with a special permission may be approached by microlights. Usually the prior permission is required (PPR).

Below you will find an overview with a lot of information of all Microlight places in Germany. Unfortunately it is only available in German.

Airfields in Germany

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