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Welcome to the DULV

All for one — one for all

The German Ultralight Federation - in short DULV- was founded in 1982 by a few enthusiasts. Because of the high costs for powered flying, the call for a simple and low priced kind of flying got louder and louder.

After Ultralights got established in other countries, the wave spilled over to Germany at the end of the seventies.

That’s how the DULV was founded. The prior aim was to legalize flying with Ultralights in Germany. This was achieved in 1983.

By now, we have more than 5500 members in our Federation and around 12.000 licenced Pilots out of all categories of Ultralights.

Lots of fun, with very little

Ultralight flying means, having maximum fun with minimal effort.

The complete take-off mass is max. 472,5 kg, so a real lightweight engine is needed. Additionally, an Ultrallight is equipped with two seats at most. Then we are talking about an Ultralight.

We advise pilots, and those, who aspire to be pilots- in every attitude of flight

The German Ultralight Federation is commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to supervise the entire sector of Ultralights.

So no matter what kind of Ultralight is operated, and no matter if it’s about education, admission or examination of the aircrafts- the DULV represents the interests of all Ultralight pilots and those to be, and supports them in both word and deed.

Our tasks:

Teach and let teach

As an authorized body of the Federal Ministry of Transport, we take care of the education, meaning the licensing of flight-schools and pilots.


All Ultralights (trikes, three-axes, footlaunched Ultralights, powered paragliders, powered para-trikes and gyros) get tested, checked and registered by us. Type approvals as well as type certifications and registrations are our duty.

Should you have any questions concerning Ultralights- we are happy to help you at any time.

Please send your questions/comments to: DULV Geschäftsstelle