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Kategorie Motorschirm
Gegenstand Atos VX wing with single seat soaring trike for sale
  • Atos VX wing with single seat soaring trike for sale
  • 7500 euro
  • Homebuilt trike complete with electronically retractable landing gear, 4-stroke liquid cooled engine, electric starter, BRS rocket parachute system (expired), instruments, hangar trolleys. Built in 2017,
  • it has accumulated a total airtime of 160hrs.
  • The wing is an Atos VX featuring reinforced and longer keel, foot-operated active rudder, reinforced control frame upper tubes, adjustable horizontal stabilizer. Year of build 2006, got a new technora sail in 2010.
  • I bought it in 2016 and did not fly it the following 1.5 years. I put 160hrs on the wing, however, I have no reliable data available as for its total airtime.
  • Starting weight limits of the wing are 110-231 kgs.
  • Fuel economy: below 3 l/hr (depending on speed). Stall speed: 43 km/hrs, V.N.E.: 100 km/hrs. Sink rate is below 1.5 m/sec. Ideal for engine-off thermal soaring, with the help of the rudder it is easy to keep it in the turn and it has
  • no tendency to slip.
  • The aircraft is in good condation (minor signs of normal wear), located at Ocseny Airfield (LHOY), Hungary.
  • birobalint@tolna.net
Preis 7500
E-Mail biro1124@tolna.net
Telefon +36709420554
Eingang 08/13/2020